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At Vista Outdoor, we are committed to environmental stewardship and conservation. We operate our businesses in an environmentally responsible and compliant manner, recycling and reusing materials and limiting waste in our factories. We support conservation in all forms, across all brands by partnering with organizations who strive to protect wild places, improve habitat, and secure access for recreational uses.

Environmental Policy

Vista Outdoor’s policy identifies the following objectives for implementing our commitment to environmental responsibility:

  • Regular self-examination of our operations to quantify and properly manage our environmental impacts
  • Incorporation of quantifiable environmental goals and accountabilities into our business decisions
  • Continuous improvement regarding environmental performance and sustainability
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as our internal environmental procedures
  • Commitment to pollution prevention, energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction programs
  • Open communications with government agencies and the community regarding pertinent environmental issues
  • Proper training and education of our workforce on their responsibilities for protecting health and the environment

For 2018, Vista Outdoor reported the following results (accompanied by the graphs to the right):

  • Hazardous Waste Generated: 0.64 tons per million dollars of sales
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 27.2 metric tons of CO2 per million dollars of sales
  • Recycling: 15,720 tons of materials/waste recycled
  • Water Use: 114,000 gallons per million dollars of sales

BLACKHAWK Sees the Light with Energy Efficiency Project

Phase 1 of the lighting upgrade at BLACKHAWK’s Manhattan, Montana facility replaced 247 light fixtures with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. The outcome: power use on the production floor and tool room was reduced by 70 percent. More

Federal Premium Conserves Energy More than Ten-Thousand Times

Congratulations go to the Pipe Shop team at the Federal Cartridge Facilities department. They installed a pre-heat coil in one of the nine new make-up air units, which is designed to use recovered energy. Their collective efforts generated an Energy Conservation rebate from their natural gas supplier, CenterPoint Energy, for more than $10,000. Read More

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