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Supply Chain

Supplier Conduct

At Vista Outdoor, our success is highly dependent upon the efforts and contributions of our suppliers. Therefore, we expect our suppliers to help us to deliver value to our customers by providing Vista Outdoor with the highest quality products delivered on time and at the best value.

Vista Outdoor partners with suppliers with proven capabilities and adherence to quality, cost, and schedule commitments. We believe strongly that critical processes and product characteristics must be controlled statistically so that we can produce repeatable products that consistently meet or exceed requirements at reduced cost. We expect our suppliers to contribute to this commitment by practicing lean six sigma continual improvement philosophies that enable both Vista Outdoor and our suppliers to continually improve our quality, schedule, and costs.

We are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and we expect our suppliers to have the same level of commitment. Through our Vista Outdoor Supplier Social Responsibility Code, Terms and Conditions of Purchase, and our Supply Chain Transparency Disclosure, we have created a system in which Vista Outdoor and our suppliers are expected to act with integrity and ethical management in all facets of business and supply chain management.

Vista Outdoor holds itself to the highest ethical standards and takes pride in a reputation of trust, integrity, and accountability among key stakeholders—employees, suppliers, agents, customers, and shareholders—and we use the Vista Outdoor Supplier Social Responsibility Code (Code), to outline and reinforce our commitment to ethical behavior at every level. We strive to develop partnerships with suppliers that agree to adhere to the elements of our code of conduct that support our employees’ efforts.

We also insist on ethical behavior, respect for human rights, including anti-human trafficking safeguards, through our Supply Chain Transparency Disclosure, Supplier Social Responsibility Code, and Conflicts Mineral Report.

Additional information about our Supply Chain Management and Accountability can be viewed by following these links:

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