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Way Back with a Backpack

“This bag has lived as full a life as I have…”

This story first appeared on Hump Day News, CamelBak’s employee newsletter from a grateful CamelBak owner.

Hey, CamelBak! I just wanted to thank you guys for such an amazing backpack. I received my first CamelBak when I was 5 years old back in 1998 from my grandfather who purchased it from the Commissary at the Naval Academy while working there. I’ve been using this same bag almost daily for the past 22 years. It’s seen some wear and tear, but we have seen 8 countries, 27 states, countless hikes, music festivals, and disc golf courses.

Seriously, everywhere I go I use this bag. You can ask my fiancée – who hates camo 😊.

This bag has lived as full of a life as I have and I can’t thank you enough for building such a strong, durable and helpful product. You guys are amazing.

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Front and back of a CamelBak backpack

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