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Medical Center Gets a Grill Friend

A trip to the ER leads to the gift of a Camp Chef grill and an outdoor “Thank You” party for the deserving first responders, paramedics, doctors and nurses.

In her own words, Camp Chef Ambassador Caytlin McCleery shares the story of her efforts to thank the emergency medical staff at Intermountain Medical Center … and how Camp Chef employee, Jack Carlisle, helped make it all happen.

I was busy cooking dinner one night and in the normal hurry that I’m usually in, I accidentally cut my finger, like really bad. Thank goodness I’ve got a little brother that works as a trauma nurse in the ER! I swung into his work at Intermountain Medical Center (IMC) in Murray, Idaho and he fixed me up. As I was walking back out to my car, I noticed they had an old broken but usable grill near the ER entrance.  I asked him if they actually use it and he replied that they use it quite a bit. Sometimes, it’s the only quick bite of food they can get on a crazy 12hour shift. Someone will throw hot dogs on occasionally and he mentioned that it’s been dinner plenty of times.  

These are the folks who deal with the most heart-aching situations. These are the folks who are running in to help when everyone is running out. These guys get spit upon. These guys have had to deal with death more than I can even imagine. These are the guys that fix up us all, and these are the guys that save lives! I just felt like they deserved thanks in a way that I knew how! I called Jack (Carlisle) to see what we could do and he quickly got back to me that Camp Chef wanted to donate a new SGX to them! Jack and I delivered the new SGX and put it together on August 18. I offered to come back and teach whoever wanted to learn how to use it.

On Tuesday, August 21, I headed back to the hospital with my little brother, Cayson, and got the SGX all fired up and cooked that department a feast! Tri-Tip, chicken, pork chops, mac n cheese and snap peas for nearly 100 people. It really was an eyeopening experience for me. In that five hours that I was there, numerous ambulances showed up dropping off patient after patient. It was heavy. People don’t go there because something is good, or positive has happened. They go there because they need help and it’s a hard time in their lives. But after the paramedics dropped off patients, they came out and were able to decompress and just enjoy a breath of fresh air and a good meal. When the nurses finally got a break, they would duck out and dig into the tasty food. You could feel that was what they needed – something positive and something to look forward to. Even if it was a simple meal, they so deserved it. They were so incredibly gracious and so excited for their new grill. I hope to bring them more food and help again! 


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