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#ChooseToReuse and Ditch Single Use Plastic

Take the 21-day challenge to eliminate disposable plastic from your home, car, work, gym bag, hunting pack … and replace with reusable alternatives like CamelBak!

Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, are plastics that are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. Worldwide, only 10-13% of plastic items are recycled. These items are things like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles.

Did you know that 77% of all single-use plastics end up in our environment, one way or another? The plastics are not only damaging to the environment, taking hundreds of years to decompose; they are endangering wildlife.

There are several small ways we can help conserve and protect our wild spaces, and the biggest one? Choose to Reuse.


  1. Plastic Water Bottles. Roughly 200Billion plastic water bottles are being produced annually. The U.S. uses, on average, two million plastic water bottles every five minutes. Vista Outdoor strongly encourages employees to #DitchDisposable and use their CamelBak reusable water bottle.  Reusable water bottles are an easy way to help prevent #SingleUsePlastic from entering our waterways, lakes, oceans, and streams.
  2. Single-use plastic bags. It is estimated that the U.S. goes through one billion single-use plastic bags annually. It can take up to 1,000 years for those bags to degrade. What can you do? #ChooseToReuse when you shop. Bring along your reusable shopping bag and ditch the single-use plastic bag.
  3.  Plastic drinking straws. There are over 500 million single-use plastic straws used, and thrown away every day in the U.S. They are used, on average, for 20 minutes and then tossed. Rarely into the recycle bin. Plastic straws are the fifth most common form of trash found during cleanups and are the most difficult of plastics to recycle.McDonald’s announced it is adopting more eco-friendly straws in the U.K. and testing alternatives in various markets across the U.S. Following suit, Starbucks has committed to having all plastic straws out of their cafes by 2020 and will offer recyclable strawless lids and alternative-material straws, like paper or compostable plastic.

    Simply put: Just say NO to plastic straws. We don’t need them. We can sip our drinks the way it has been done for hundreds of years: without the straw.

Conservation is a core tenet of Vista Outdoor, and we believe all conservation efforts count, no matter how big or small. As a company, we are committed to conserving our natural wonders, resources and public lands for all outdoor enthusiasts to pursue their adventures.

Join us, and accept the challenge to #ChooseToReuse. It only takes 21 days to make a habit. Let’s make this not just a habit, but a lifestyle change and #DitchSingleUsePlastic.

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