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Federal Premium Conserves Energy More than Ten-thousand Times

Congratulations go to the Pipe Shop team at the Federal Cartridge Facilities department. They installed a pre-heat coil in one of the nine new make-up air units, which is designed to use recovered energy. Their collective efforts to make #ConservationCount generated an Energy Conservation rebate from their natural gas supplier, CenterPoint Energy, for more than $10,000.

(L-R) Kevin Pehling, John Berg, Rob Kline, Mike Johnson, Joe Odeen and Frank Fastner not pictured: Dave Kirsch and Dave Reese.

Vista Outdoor is a strong supporter of Conservation and in 2016 launched the “Conservation Counts” campaign to better align the company’s many conservation efforts under one mission.  Read More about the #ConservationCounts campaign and the different ways brands are participating.


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