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168 Years of Service at CCI/Speer Captured in Flannel

In November, we asked our employees across the company to send us photos wearing flannel. Here is one of those submissions we thought was well worth sharing.

CCI/Speer has a reputation for longevity of employment, especially when it comes to family. Alan Hedrick, IT Infrastructure Server Engineer in Lewiston, Idaho submitted a Flannel Friday photo. His photo description was short, but compelling, “In this photo are over 150 years of hard work … four are retirees.”

Listed below are some of the other family members not in the picture, but as you can see they constituted a rather large number of years served at this location.  Carol, Brian and Dawn are the grandchildren of Speer Bullets founder, Vernon Speer, and grandnieces and nephew of CCI founder, Richard “Dick” Speer.  Another tid-bit is that Don Worden actually wrote the code for the ERP system that CCI-Speer, Outers, RCBS, Simmons and other locations used for over 25 years.

Alan Hedrick – Engineering and IT – 31 years – Still working

Sally Hedrick – Blazer Metal Parts and Chemistry – 42 years – Retired

Hal Hedrick – Production Manager – 39 years – Retired

Harold Hedrick – Production Manager – 30 years – Retired\Deceased

Cindy Hedrick – Production Worker – 18 years – Deceased

Don Worden – IT – 35 years – Retired

Ken Kees – Dev Engineer and Sr. Mgr. Quality Assurance – 28 years – Retired

Dawn Kees – Admin Assistant for Engineering\GM\Div. President and then Sales – 30 years – Retired

Carol Cavanaugh – Speer operations and then Marketing – 14 years – Retired

Brian Luthy – Rimfire Production – 42 years – Retired

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