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Lewiston, Idaho Employees “Ride for the Brand”

CCI/Speer employees and their families came out to represent the many brands that are part of the Vista Outdoor family at this year’s Lewiston Roundup Parade. The parade is one of the highlights of the annual Lewiston Roundup and Rodeo.  The Roundup donates a large portion of event proceeds to charity organizations throughout the year.

Lewiston employees took the “Ride for the Brand” parade theme to create a float showcasing many of the Vista Outdoor family of brands. The float had a clear, perpendicular display with a spinning Vista Outdoor logo in the middle.

Walkers wore shirts that featured a wagon wheel with several Vista Outdoor brands represented. People along the parade route were tossed T-shirts, pins, silicone bracelets, stickers and other products that featured branded logos.

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