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It’s National Bike Month. Strap Up!

Find out how to inspect and care for your bike helmet.

When Bike Radar was putting together a story about bike helmets – spotting the signs of a worn out helmet and how to care for your bike helmet to get the most from your investment, they reached out to Vista Outdoor’s own Rob Wesson,  Senior Director, Research and Development at Giro.

Rob recommends replacing your helmet after three years of use, or sooner in the event of a hard crash. He explains, “If you crash hard enough so that either you received a concussion or you experienced a sub-concussive impact — your head hurts, you need to stop the activity or you’re looking for Advil — then you should replace the helmet. Period.”


Ready to update your bike helmet? Here are a few examples of our brand bike helmets.

Check out these websites for more bike accessories.   Giro   Bell   Blackburn   Raskullz   KRASH!

Left: Giro Synthe MIPS Team Edition  $270

Center:  Bell Stratus MIPS Joy Ride Collection   $150

Right: Bell Sidetrack Youth MIPS-Equipped    $60

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