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Outdoor Recreation Generates $887 Billion in Consumer Spending

The newly released Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) report shows that outdoor recreation is an economic powerhouse.

The OIA also reports outdoor recreation is one of the country’s largest economic sectors, employing 7.6 million Americans. Vista Outdoor is proud to be part of this growing industry.

Report highlights:

  • Every year, American consumers spend more on outdoor recreation ($887 billion) than they do on education ($278 billion), gasoline and fuels ($304 billion), household utilities ($313 billion), motor vehicles and parts ($465 billion) or pharmaceuticals ($466 billion).
  • Spending on outdoor recreation far outpaces other popular activities:
    • Water sports gear ($14 billion) versus movie tickets ($11 billion)
    • Trail sports gear ($20 billion) versus home entertainment ($18 billion)
  • Outdoor recreation provides significant health benefits and lower public health care costs through physical activity and by reducing stress and obesity rates.
  • National parks, national wildlife refuges, national monuments and other public lands and waters account for $45 billion in economic output and about 396,000 jobs nationwide.

Read the OIA Report

Vista Outdoor is an active player in outdoor recreation:

  • $2.6 billion in revenue (FY16)
  • 6,000 + jobs
  • $84 million in Pittman-Robertson excise tax paid (FY16)

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