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Gold Tip and Bee Stinger Launch New Websites

Beestinger Website Redesign Gold Tip Website Redesign

In March, we shared links to nine relaunched Vista Outdoor brand websites. We promised more were in the works.

New Gold Tip and Bee Stinger websites have a responsive design to bring an optimized website experience to every device. The all-new sites offer the latest information in a streamlined and vibrant format. The sites make choosing and ordering the right products quick and easy, and provide rich content like technology overviews and videos.

Gold Tip offers three useful tools to aid consumers in finding the perfect product: an arrow selector, an arrow front-of-center calculator, and a spine selector. Brand ambassador bios are featured along with callouts of what brand products they use personally.

Bee Stinger features educational content including product setup recommendations and summaries of the technology that makes it all work. The new design portrays the brand lifestyle utilizing modern, full-screen imagery and graphics.

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