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Vista Outdoor Employee Receives Volunteer Coach of the Year from USA Archery

Recently, USA Archery, the National Governing Body for Olympic Archery in the United States, awarded the Volunteer Coach of the Year Award to Gold Tip employee, Jeff Fabry. He’s a five-time world championship medalist and has also received two bronze medals at the 2004 Summer Paralympics, one bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Paralympics and a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Today, Coach Fabry teaches archery to whoever wants to learn, with a focus on the military community. Weekly, he can be found teaching archery classes to visually impaired archers and holds several classes a week for veterans.

Fabry states, “I am not the guy who goes around and looks for a pat on the back or asks for the spotlight to be shined on me. I’m the man who loves seeing the smile after a person shoots their first arrow. Especially if they have self-doubt due to a disability and I can help them find their ability.” Fabry continues, “Personally, I know without Gold Tip and Bee Stinger’s support I would not be able to reach out and touch as many lives as I have. I feel truly blessed to be considered part of the team and have the support that allows me to help others!”

Several archers who started in the sport because of Fabry have stated that “He gives them the will and a reason to get out in the community and work on new goals.” Fabry has also worked with the Warrior Games, the Valor Games and many Paralympic Sports Camps. He is also a part of Team USA’s 2016 Team for Tomorrow Ambassador Program.

Watch and listen as Jeff shares his story and ability.


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