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Chairman and CEO Mark DeYoung Speaks at Northern Utah Business Symposium

Earlier this month, Vista Outdoor Chairman and CEO Mark DeYoung was a guest speaker at the Northern Utah Business Symposium at Weber State University.

DeYoung’s presentation, “Create Your Future: Drive for Results” focused on the concepts of authentic leadership, talent and culture, and how change is the only constant in life.

“Abraham Lincoln said ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it,’” said DeYoung. “Because change is constant and the future isn’t certain, we have to create our own destiny. There are numerous examples of companies who aren’t nimble enough or innovative enough or who resist change.”

DeYoung also told the audience about the importance of persistence in creating a culture of success.

“I believe failure is the path of least persistence,” DeYoung said. “An additional 20 percent of effort can create an 80 percent separation between us and our peers.”

DeYoung spoke for approximately 30 minutes – also covering his own career path and the formation of Vista Outdoor – before taking questions from the audience.

The symposium was a half-day conference designed to help attendees meet with business leaders who are challenging traditional practices and setting new standards.

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