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Look Who’s Talking About Being an Engineer

In recognition of National Engineers Week, Vista Outdoor would like to thank it’s 209 engineers. These women and men are constantly looking for innovative new ideas and solutions that will set our brand products apart from the competition.

We asked seven engineers across the organization to share their thoughts about a career in engineering.

Peter Croswell, Federal Premium Chemical/Manufacturing Engineer  I  Anoka, MN  I  1½ years
“I have always enjoyed exploring the world outside and sharing those experiences with friends and family. Being an engineer at Vista Outdoor allows me to contribute to products that will enable even more people to share my passion.”



Brett Bennett, Camp Chef Director of Engineering  I  Logan, UT  I 22 years
“I like taking an idea from concept to production and the best part is seeing something I have worked on sitting at retail.  I love the fact that at Camp Chef we have a very diverse product line. This has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of consumer products using many manufacturing methods.  It keeps me sharp and engaged in my work.”



Anthony Foster,  Primos CNC Site Manager and New Products Development  I  Brookhaven, MS  I  14 years
“My favorite job is inventing products.  I like to see a product come from a paper napkin to the actual product that is sold.”




Kelsey Hammond, CamelBak Mechanical Engineer  I  Petaluma, CA  I  2½ years
“I like being an engineer because I get to be on the leading edge of exploring and influencing new technologies. As a kid, I equated being an engineer to being a professional inventor… I get to make ideas come to life! It is extremely gratifying to see a product through from a paper and pencil sketch to a product on the shelf at a retailer. At CamelBak, I have the added benefit of creating products that I truly care about and love to use.”



Jake VanBecelaere, Bushnell Optics Product Engineer  I  Overland Park, KS  I  2 years
“I enjoy being able to identify a problem and create an innovative and creative solution to that problem.  I take pride in my involvement with Vista Outdoor and enjoy working in the outdoor product industry.”



Jeff Williams, CCI/Speer Design Engineer  I  Lewiston, ID  I  12 years
“It’s easy to overlook – even for Engineers – how much technology is deeply integrated into our daily lives.  Even our interactions with and in the ‘great outdoors’ have changed profoundly, turning what was survival just a few generations past into what we now do for weekend fun.    Sure, engineering is responsible for our species dominion in the world.  But, on a personal level, it’s satisfying just to build something with an accumulation of skills passed down from thousands of others before.”



Dennis Conley, CCI Manufacturing Engineer (Plating)  I  Lewiston, ID  I  34 years
“Doing something that mystifies most other people is enjoyable.  Electroplating does just that while utilizing all five of my university degrees in engineering and science.”

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