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Hands-on Program Shows Students a New Way to Look at Careers in Manufacturing

BLACKHAWK! Operations Manager, Lamont Kotter, working with other local companies and the Gallatin Valley Manufacturing Partnership, led a pilot education program for students at Three Forks High School. The program introduced students to job and career opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

As baby boomers leave the workforce, younger workers will be needed to replace them. This program helped show students that preconceived notions of manufacturing work – described as “dirty” or “unsafe” – are not true. Instead, there are many diverse jobs that can lead to a solid career path. Additionally, nearly every student responded that the class has improved their skills around the team work, communication and problem solving.

When asked by a member of the Three Forks School Board, what did he feel were the successes of the pilot program, Lamont responded, “We believe that a successful life and business is built on continuous improvement and if the students have gained some skills and been inspired to improve, then it has been successful.”

Senior Noah Young was pleased to be in the class. “This would be a really good class, not just in this classroom, but for all kids to take across the 50 states.”

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