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BLACKHAWK Honors America’s Military Heroes

BLACKHAWK! Hall of Honor video series

Vista Outdoor brand, BLACKHAWK, recently announced the Hall of Honor program, developed to showcase America’s military heroes. It acknowledges service members who have displayed the highest degree of courage, honor and military service by being awarded the Medal of Honor.

The video series features Medal of Honor recipients telling their story of how they received our nation’s highest military honor. “It is important that we remember our nation’s greatest military heroes and their spectacular examples of valor,” said Everett Deger, Brand Manager for BLACKHAWK! “These individuals embody our mindset of ‘Honor as a way of life’ and exemplify real heroism and gallantry in the face of incredible odds. The creation of BLACKHAWK!’s Hall of Honor program is designed to archive these stories and pay tribute to their bravery. It is a humble privilege to be able to share their history.”

BLACKHAWK will also donate $1,000 on behalf of each member to help in the construction of the National Medal of Honor Museum in Charleston, South Carolina.

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